Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Is there a plan?

Ok Im not one of those people who obsesses about outer space and stuff, I don't even like Star Wars that much but I do believe in Aliens.

I just find it hard to believe that we are alone in the world.
The fact is that it is not that unlikely that aliens could arrive tomorrow.
It is probably just as likely for aliens to arrive tomorrow as it is for terrorist to attack London again.

So what I want to know is does anyone have a plan?

Films have been warning us about Aliens arriving for years but why is no one taking it seriously?

It is highly possible that they could arrive tomorrow and no body has a clue what the fuck to do. 

Im not just talking about what you would do if an alien space craft landed in your corn field I mean what would we do as a planet?

First of all we need to figure out the best plan of how to approach the aliens when they arrive but then what do we do about all the other complications.
Who is going to be in charge of Earth? (Probably end up being Barrack Obama) 
Who is going to be in Earths Intergalactic Olympic Team? 
What will Earths global dish be? (curry probably)
What will be Earths global language?
What will the Earths flag look like? 

This may sound like a stupid point but look at how much chaos snow causes the UK  when we are unprepared. 

Well imagine that chaos but instead of snow, Aliens!

So I am creating this Blog to sort this problem out.

I can't do this by myself so I am going to need everyones input. 

Don't worry I'm going to sort this.


  1. My first thought is about the flag.

    Are we going to have an Earth flag?
    Or are we going to be separate countries?

    Maybe we will view Earth as a large collection, rather than one entity.
    We have trouble enough working together in one country let alone as a whole group of countries, and continents, and counties, and states, and towns, and cities.

    So maybe we should view dealing with Mars, in the same way we deal with another country here. Just with a larger distance.

  2. And if that is so, then we will need to be more aware of what "country" of Aliens are coming to Earth. It would be surprising if they ran their whole planet as one country. It's more likely that there will be different groups within each planet of Aliens, each with their own cultures and aims. Some of them may not be interested in finding other planets.

  3. But it is more likely that we as Earth would be a country as a whole because If say Russia decided to make a decision about something to do with another planet then that decision is likely to effect the whole of earth. Also We could still keep individual countries but I think we would need a united front too like in Star Wars.I think that as a human race we would pull together. If other speciese were invading us, I think all countries will pull together because the aliens are unlikely to see us as different groups.
    Did that make any sense?

  4. the president would be Arnie...obvious really,dont know why you didnt think of it before.

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  6. Well Seby, Im pretty sure that the International language would be Mathematics, as it is the one true universal language that we will share in the beginning.

    If they land on Earth they will probably land somewhere in Russia as it is the biggest part of the largest continent. This may cause a couple of problems:
    First off I imagine the Americans wont be best pleased, and this event could trigger the 2nd Cold War. The US scared that the Ruskies will use there new friendship to try and gain the No. 1 position in the ultimate super power competition.

    Secondly, if any craft entered Russian airspace without permission it would most probably be shot down, thus triggering an interstellar war!

    As for an international food and drink I think it would probably be a McDonalds and Coca Cola. I know, I know! How can this be true? But the simple fact is that these two brands are the most recognized symbols on the planet. Any species intelligent enough to travel thousands of light-years to meet us has probably done there home work.
    And now entertainment. Most of the sites on the internet feature pornography and sex, so if i were doing my research on a new planet, viewing the signals and listening in to our broadcasts I would make the assumption that we are all open minded, free loving, sex maniacs! And how correct they would be, although we would never acknowledge this and try to pass ourselves off as respectable. HA!

    Il keep thinking Seby, maybe we can solve the 'International Sport' conundrum next?